7 Steps Until You Get The “SEO Greenlight” With The Yoast Seo Plugin For WordPress


Are you struggling to rank your posts and web page higher on google? We understand that When someone is new to Digital Marketing, then everything seems difficult to them and SEO seems the most toughest thing. But this is just a myth because the SEO is not really very hard and even you can also effectively do the SEO of your website on your own with the Yoast SEO Plugin. To buy the Yoast SEO Plugin, you need to get the Yoast SEO Premium License Key and then, you will be able to set up this beginner-friendly plugin for your website. In this post, we are going to share the facts that will help you to get SEO Greenlight which means the SEO of your website is perfect. So many users who are new to WordPress faced the difficulty to get SEO Greenlight which is not really very difficult. So, here we are sharing 7 Steps that you need to follow to get SEO Greenlight with the Yoast SEO Premium Plugin. So, let’s get started!


7 Steps to Get SEO Greenlight


Keyword Mapping

If you really want to brand your product effectively in the marketplace then, you must be aware of the fact that how you can bring the potential customers to your site and for that you need to do Keyword mapping. Keyword mapping is a framework for keywords and it is an effective way to do on-page SEO. So, what you need to do is create a map of all your web pages and a target keyword that each page needs to highlight. Now, you just need to create the potential URLs and brainstorm content for various web pages of your site. Always remember that the keywords need to be embedded in the content naturally so that it doesn’t seem awkward to the readers.


Keyword Research

Now after preparing the keyword map fr your website, you need to perform keyword research to identify suitable high-volume keywords and prepare a long list of keywords. The keyword research needs to be done according to the niche of your website and as per the goal of your content. You can also use any keyword research tool as well. After preparing the set of keywords, you have to study the search intent of the users that why actually they are searching, are they looking for an answer f their question, or something else is there. While preparing the set of keywords, focus more upon the long-tail keywords as they welcome long term benefits for your website as compared to the short-tail keywords.


Page Titles

The page title will appear in search engines, so you need to set it professionally. While writing the title for your web page, don’t use more than 66 characters because the short titles are easier to read than the long one. It should have a focused keyword so that it can accurately define the purpose of the page and try to put the keyword into the first 11 characters of the title because the search engines like Google attributes more value to the first word in a page title than the last one. The title tag needs to be attractive and one more thing, don’t forget to add the brand name and you can put the brand name at the last.


Header Tags

Header Tags of web page holds one of the major importance, so you need to create the header tags of your web pages carefully to improve the SEO of your website. Headers help to add the better content structure to your post. So, you always need to add headers in your blog posts to break a lengthy content and it will also help you to improve the readability of your content. Use keywords in your header tags to give a context about the content of your site. The H1 need to introduce the topic of your content, H2 will continue to describe the main topic, and then the H3s to H6s serve as additional sub-headings within each section.

STEP 5: 

Meta Descriptions

The SEO Meta Description plays an important role as a crucial part of the text snippets. So, you need to craft the meta description for your blog post effectively as it will also appear on search engine results pages. It needs to be 100% unique and we will recommend you write it in between 135 and 160 characters as this is a golden rule for the length of SEO Meta Descriptions. Use the target keyword while crafting it and we will strongly recommend you to not use any quotation marks because it will break the HTML Language. Maintain active voice throughout the description and also add a call to action as it will encourage the visitors to act.


Create Content

Now, it’s time to create content for your web page. While creating content, you need to stay focused on your visitors’ interests and address the question of what’s in it for them so that you can keep them hooked till the last word of your content. Use the right language and embed the focused keyphrases in the content naturally so that it doesn’t seem awkward to the readers. And then, write a compelling web copy that informs, educates and guides your audience. The minimum length of the content should be 300 words.

STEP 7: 

Link Building

Now, the final step to achieve the SEO Greenlight while using the Yoast SEO Premium Plugin is the Link Building. You need to effectively promote your website by implementing the link building strategy. The Internal links makes a huge contribution to link building because you can control everything about them, from the location on the page to the anchor text.

We are very sure that these 7 Different steps will surely help you to get SEO Greenlight. So, what you need to do is just get the Yoast SEO License key here, and set up this powerful SEO Plugin to improve the SEO of your website. And we hope that this post will be helpful to you!


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