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Get Yoast SEO Premium License Key Of Latest Version To Improve The Internal Linking Of Your WordPress Site

Internal Links are Hyper Links that direct the visitors of your site to the other pages of your site as well and Internal Linking is a really very important part of SEO, so you need to take care of this while implementing the SEO Strategy for your site. Do you know why Internal Linking is important to improve the ranking of your site on search engine results? No! Then, let us explain to you how internal linking works for your site.

Internal Linking helps Google to understand the structure of your site. Not only this, but these links also help Google to find, index and understand all of the pages that are available on your website. By linking the other pages of your site in your post, you are sending link authority to that very specific page of your site. So, you can say that if you are using the internal linking for your website pages carefully, then you will be able to positively improve the ranking of your website on Google in no time.

While focusing upon the importance of Internal Linking, the Yoast released the Yoast SEO latest version with an improved Internal Linking feature. In this version, the team fixed a number of bugs, disabled the XML sitemaps that will arrive in WordPress 5.5 and also added two new block editor blocks that are limited to their Premium users only. So, if you are using the free version, then you will have to get the Yoast SEO Premium License Key to take the leverage of Yoast latest version.

To know more about how Yoast latest version is improved, let’s take a closer look at its various improvements and enhancements. So, let’s get started!

Introduced Two New Editor Blocks 

In this new version of Yoast SEO Plugin, two new editor blocks are introduced to simplify the work of the users who are running a website where they need to work more on hierarchical post types. Because working on such posts sometimes get so hectic for the users as they often need to link the posts to the underlying pages of their site. So, here are the two different editor blocks that will positively support the users to work efficiently with subpages and sibling pages of your site. Using these newly introduced editor blocks are really very easy to use. So, we are very sure that you will love this whole new experience with Yoast. These blocks are limited to only hierarchical pages, not on blog posts as this new feature is specifically designed and developed to do this job only. It will allow you to link all hierarchically related content of your website by simply adding a block. The users can also style these editor blocks easily by adding custom CSS via the theme customizer available in WordPress. This way, CSS will help you make these blogs yours.

Core XML Sitemaps are Disabled

The next thing that is introduced with the Yoast latest version is that the team disabled the core XML Sitemaps for Yoast SEO users as we are providing them with our own XML Sitemaps that are more sophisticated, integrated, and automated. So, disabling the core WordPress XML sitemap for Yoast users is a wise decision. When you are using the WordPress 5.5 version, then XML sitemaps make their way into WordPress core which is a good thing. But, we always wanted to introduce our own XML Sitemaps that can offer an incredible performance to our users. So, here is the time when we introduced our own XML Sitemaps in their new version of Yoast that is way better than others.

These are the two major highlights of this new version of Yoast. If you are still using the Free version of Yoast, then this is the right time to get the Yoast SEO Premium License Key that will unlock various premium features to improve the ranking of your website on various search engine’s search results. Other than these improvements that are positively making the Yoast fully developed, fast and flexible, the paid version of this plugin is bundled with a number of revolutionary features for which you should obviously switch from the free version to the premium version of Yoast SEO Plugin. Let’s take a quick look at the premium features of this SEO Plugin. So, let’s get started!


Features of Yoast SEO Premium Version

Redirect Manager

The redirect manager tool of yoast is a premium feature that is limited to the premium users only. This tool automatically redirects the old URLs of your site to the new URLs to get rid of 404 error messages/page. This error occurs when you delete a post or page, move from HTTP to HTTPS, change an URL structure, and many more such things and then you forget to redirect the Urls to new one. So, here this toll comes as a lifesaver.

Internal Linking Suggestion

While using the Yoast Premium, you will receive internal linking suggestions when you are writing the content for your website post. This is an effective feature for SEO as it directs the visitors of your site to the other page of your site.

Stale Cornerstone Content Tool

This is also one of the premium features of Yoast that acts as a reminder for you to regularly update the cornerstone content of your site as this content is the core of your website as It consists of the best and the most important articles that are available on your site.

Orphaned Content Tool

The orphaned content tool is the premium feature of Yoast that will positively help you to easily find out the orphaned content of your website easily in one place so that you can fix them to rank well on search engines.

So, this is the right time to make the right switch from the free version to the premium version of yoast SEO to explore all new features of this updated version of SEO plugin.

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