Instant Messenger Plugin


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Instant Messenger Plugin
Instant Messenger Plugin


Osclass messenger plugin enhance communication between customer and seller and provides easy way to ask & answer questions before purchase. User will receive email notification about new message and can read it in it’s user account.

Major release v2.0.0

  • messages loaded via ajax in thread page, no need to reload
  • brand new design
  • many fixes


Messenger functionality

  • registered & non-registered users can contact sellers via personal message
  • each message is part of conversation – thread
  • conversation groups messages related to same item or same question
  • users can create as many conversations as they need and messages as well
  • attachments can be uploaded to messages
  • add header link to show latest & unread messages
  • non-logged in users can send & reply to personal messages without need of register/login

Replace contact seller functionality

  • functionality of contact seller form can be replaced by messenger plugin where seller will not receive email, but will receive personal message
  • if seller is not registered, it is required to register on your site to be able to access message. This can help to increase registrations on your osclass site
  • there is no need to modify any theme files for this, everything is handled by messenger plugin on background

Plugin does not change design and look of contact seller block/form, it just replace email sending with message sending.

Smart notifications on new message

  • it is very important to be able to handle email notifications on new messages
  • with messenger plugin, every user can set if he wants to be notified on messages in certain thread or not
  • admin can globally set, if users will be notified by email when:
    • new message is received no matter if previous was read
    • new message is received and previous message in same thread was already read
  • especially with second setting, that users are notified again just in case they do not have any unread messages in thread, there will be no spam created by notifications (sometimes happen that user send many messages in very short time. Sending email notification after each message would just annoy your customers)

Flag threads, set notifications for each thread

  • usually there are some conversations that user like to mark/flag so it is easy to identify them
  • such conversations use to be important or has higher value for users
  • messenger plugin allows users to flag their conversation in case thread is important for them

Send attachments in messages

  • nowadays attachments are very required to be supported by messenger plugin
  • instant messenger plugin allows to upload 1 attachment per message, to improve communication between customer and seller
  • admin can set what is maximum size of each attachment, what extensions are allowed to be sent

Back office interface of plugin

  • replace contact seller functionality with instant messenger plugin
  • set if users are notified only once when there is new message in thread until previous messages are read
  • hook Send message button to item page using hook item_detail (no need to modify theme files)
  • enable attachments on messages
  • set allowed file extensions on attachment files
  • set maximum file size for attachments
  • allow users to remove their messages (sometimes it is required to not allow message removal, i.e. in case messenger plugin is used as support tool)
  • check conversations and messages of users to make sure no spam or abusive content is not send

Maintenance – keep your osclass clean

  • conversations maintenance is a must to avoid database overflow (and reduce attachment space)
  • admin can remove conversations with no activity in certain number of days (i.e. 360 days)
  • admin can remove attachments on messages older than certain number of days (i.e. 360 days)

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