Top 8 Best WordPress Plugins 2020 – Premium at $3.99


Are you creating a website for your company of business? How do we react if we get something more than what we think of?
Let’s imagine that you have placed an order for a burger but you get some Spicy sauce addon for free with some fries and drinks how would you react? Amazing right?

Now let’s talk about the Best Premium WordPress plugins 2020, there are many premium add-ons which you can use to boost and make your website really attractive, I mean how would it feels if you haven’t launched your website yet and you still got some customer or clients visiting your website waiting to hear something from your website or get notified of any update on your web.
Well, buckle up as we are going to talk about some Best Premium WordPress plugins 2020.


1. Yoast SEO Premium

[Yoast SEO Premium] – What if someone searches and it’s relevant to your website’s genre or content and your website pops up to the top, it would feel good right because a lot of people will run into your website well Yoast SEO Premium is the shining star for your website.

This plugin will guide you step by step, that how can your new content be optimized for the search engines. Yoast SEO makes this so easy that even a non-technical person could do it for sure. And so Yoast SEO stands 2nd on the list of our Best Premium WordPress plugins 2020.


2. Elementor + Elementor Pro Page Builder

[Elementor + Elementor Pro Page Builder] – Elementor lets you create original-looking posts and pages that are unique, compared with the standard post/page templates that come with your WordPress theme. It doesn’t require any HTML/CSS/PHP/coding skills, everything can be done through a handy user-facing interface.

You can use it to create any content layout or page layout you can imagine. And, most importantly, it works with all WordPress themes, so you can keep your current design and still get all of the goodies Elementor comes with. Putting it all together, the main benefit of using Elementor is that you can create impressive page layouts/designs, even if you’re not a professional nor have any experience with site-building.

Elementor Pro is a brand new website builder plugin for WordPress. If you want to give your WordPress website and its content a custom design, then a page builder tool is often the best option. Elementor Pro is a newly released commercial WordPress plugin that can be used to add a drag-and-drop page builder to your website, no matter what theme you’re using.

Elementor has been created by the Pojo Themes team. As well as themes, the team has created 12 WordPress plugins, including the popular free version of this page builder plugin, Elementor. This is the plugin just for you so try it and share your reviews.


3. WP Smush

[WP Smush] – Images can significantly slow down your website which is why it is essential to save all your images optimized for the web. Use Smush image compression and optimization Smush Image Compression and Optimization, is one of the easiest plugins to perform image compression for WordPress. With more than one million active installs, this image optimizer is one of the most popular WordPress plugins in the official plugin repository. With this premise, it’s safe to say that WP Smush is a reliable image optimizer, that will work in all situations and circumstances.
Every single image is smushed removing all superfluous data without compromising the image quality. Offers unlimited free image optimizations per month. Ability to automatically compress images on upload.


4. WP Rocket

[WP Rocket] – There are a lot of WordPress plugins that only certain sites need. And then there are some plugins that every single WordPress site needs.
A caching and performance optimization plugin falls decidedly in that latter camp.
Because performance is so important – affecting everything from user experience to Google rankings and When it comes to caching plugins, WP Rocket is one of the most popular options. And even though it labels itself as a caching plugin, WP Rocket also includes a bunch of smaller performance optimization features to go along with caching. Conversion rates, everyone who wants their site to be successful needs to make sure it loads quickly. WP Rocket tries to do that in two ways:
By offering an interface that’s beginner-friendly and easier to use than many other caching plugins. By including tons of other smaller performance optimizations that most other caching plugins don’t offer.
So Try this WP Rocket one of the best premium WordPress plugins 2020.


5. WP Bakery Page

[WP Bakery Page] – Trying to decide on the best WordPress page builder for your website?
WPBakery Page Builder, formerly known as Visual Composer, is another massively popular one of the best premium WordPress plugin page builder. A big part of this popularity comes from the fact that WPBakery Page Builder is bundled with what seems like 99% of the themes at ThemeForest. WPBakery Page Builder gives you both visual front end editing, as well as back end editing. You insert new elements and style them using popups there’s no sidebar area, nor is there inline editing.
I think WP bakery is one of the best WordPress plugins we could have.


6. GeneratePress

[GeneratePress] – Do you need some good themes for your website right? Why don’t you use GeneratePress? GeneratePress is one of the most popular themes out there its rating in the WordPress repository is one of the highest, the main objectives of the theme is to be lightweight and load superfast. GeneratePress is a free theme, but the free version comes with limited customization options. However, if you are comfortable with CSS you can go ahead.

The key features of GeneratePress include “Light and mobile responsive” The theme is coded well and the theme size is very light. This ensures that your site loads very fast. “Modular design” The GeneratePress comes with 14 modules that enable you to leverage the functionality of the theme. In the future, they will easily scale up the features offered by the theme under its design. “Developer friendly” GeneratePress comes with inbuilt options for you to add hooks and filters without altering the theme files that get reset after the theme is updated. This is a very useful feature and makes GeneratePress one of the best premium WordPress Plugin.


7. WP Forms

[WP Forms] – Are you looking for a form builder plugin for your WordPress site?
Want to add a simple contact form in your Contact or Advertisement page? Pretty much every single WordPress site needs at least a basic contact form, so a form plugin is the best plugin for bloggers. Let’s discuss some of the key features:
A beginner-friendly drag and drop editor that makes it simple to create custom forms.

Premade templates for common form types to save you time.
Spam protection to help keep your form submissions spam-free.
Conditional logic so that you can display different form fields depending on how a visitor answers previous fields.
Option to view form submissions in your WordPress dashboard, as well as the option to receive email notifications.
So if you want to add a form on your website use this plugin which is really easy to use.


8. SeedProd

[SeedProd] – Have you created your website? Are you looking to boost your website before launch, how about a coming soon page for a start? Yes, that’s right you don’t have to wait till you get your domain & Website live. Well, what if I say that you can do it very easily and there are multiple other things which you can do and you don’t have to wait for your website to get launched.

SeedProd is a WordPress Plugin, one of the best Premium WordPress Plugin widely used in the world, why should you use this plugin right? It makes easy for you to share your website on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter it rewards people by sharing and creating a viral loop. Building a coming soon page is a great way to get people excited about your product or website that you’re about to launch.

A coming soon plugin like SeedProd comes with a countdown timer, which enables you to show how many days it will take to launch your site. Here are some of the basic features: Coming soon mode: it creates a very attractive and stunning coming soon page easily with just a few clicks and you have a coming soon page customized just for you.

Maintenance mode: Unlike a coming soon page, a maintenance page is usually enabled when your site is down for maintenance you can use this mode if you are updating something on your website.

Real-time editor: Just like WordPress Customizer, you can make real-time edits on your pages without switching back and forth between the editor and the preview page.

Countdown timer/progress bar: Let your customers know how long it will take to launch your site.
SeedProd is a heads up for you, so what are you waiting for?

Start using this plugin and share your views with us.


These are many Best Premium WordPress Plugins and themes at WpForest at Lowest Price, Please share your review regarding this as we are waiting to hear from you because your words really matter.

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